Village Vesec u Sobotky

Entrance to Liptákov

North Bohemia

Village Vesec u Sobotky

Entrance to Liptákov

The village Vesec u Sobotky counts twenty eight houses, that's only two more than there are permanent residents. Every year, many more people see it on screen in films than they do in real life. But most importantly, the greatest of the great Czech genius minds was last spotted here.

You were initially planning on going to Sychrov, a favourite visiting place for composer Antonín Dvořák, but the bus driver took a wrong turn by the pond, so there you are, ending up in Liptákov. No need to be angry, though, this too is a place where you can come across a Czech genius, the greatest one there has ever been!

If you look close enough, you might notice there are eletricity poles missing in the village. This doesn't mean that the phenomenom of electricity hasn't made it here yet. The reason for this is that they were troubling for the filming, so all the cables have been placed in the ground.


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