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He gave advice to many genius minds. He told Chekhov two sisters were not enough and inspired Marconni to go wireless. He helped Eiffel design a certain tower in Paris, but he himself was always one minute late.

The patent office is a busy place. Only Jára Cimrman, the greatest genius mind and inventor the world has ever seen, is always late with registration. When Graham Bell invented the telephone, he's already had three missed calls from Cimrman.

The building of the film office is actually the North Bohemian Museum in Liberec. This is where Jára Cimrman always misses famous inventors, and you can come have a look at some of their elaborate gadgets. Recently, historical music machines are being exposed here. Orchestrions and street organs are not only to be heard, you can even try playing some of them. The large museum is currently preparing several other expositions - on art, design and natural sciences.


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