Vesec u Sobotky

House no. 7

North Bohemia

Vesec u Sobotky

House no. 7

A new teacher came to the village. In his first lesson, he asks his pupils about the greatest Czech luminaries. John Huss. J. A. Komenský, Bedřich Smetana. "No Schiller, Konrád. He was German." The teacher forgot to introduce himself. Cimrman.

Two most important institutions in one building? Why not, this is Liptákov. In the pub U Sirotků there's a school on the first floor. It was upstairs that Cimrman tought children, and decorated the pub downstairs - in exchange for free beer - with gutsy signs. "Better to have beer in your tummy than water in your lungs", or "Whatever it is that you need to do, don't use the yard, we have a loo!".

House no. 7 has the longest history in the village. Its first mention was in 1578 in the local chronicle. It was the home of the local magistrate whose office was hereditary and was free of all fees in the time.


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