Moravia and Silesia

Malá Morávka

"Borderline... is it inside of me, or out there, in the woods? It's drizzling. Or are these just tears running down faces? Where am I going? What for? Will I find my way back?"... The Jeseníky Mountains with the fog of Alois Nebel will do just this to you.

If you're hungry for adventure in the centre of Europe, this is your chance right here! The Jeseníky Mountains will get in your head and mess it up. This meant severe consequences for a character in Alois Nebel called The Mute. By crossing the Czech-Polish border, by coming back to one of those strange places, he became a wildling, became a hunted hunter, a hero the film Alois Nebel talks about.

It's a wild region, with the wilderness sometimes hidden in the deep forests, and sometimes encountered in the civilized world. This place, however, is always full of strange atmosphere. Could it be because of its history? In the Middle Ages, some of the greatest witch-hunts took place here. Or could it be the mountain springs, used by healer Vinzenz Priessnitz, founder of natural leech craft?

Here, ugliness turns to beauty, sadness is dying of laughter and indecency shines with refinement. This is what the train station in a former miner town Malá Morávka is like, the place where the black-and-white story of Alois Nebel begins. Contrary to the Whitebrook station in the film, trains don't come here anymore. Never mind that, more time will be left for visiting the Baroque church of the Holy Trinity, or go up the hills towards Praděd, the highest mountain in the region, or the spa village Karlova Studánka.


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