Wallenstein Palace Gardens

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Wallenstein Palace Gardens

The Wallenstein Gardens is a popular place for relaxation and cultural events, mainly concerts and music festivals. No wonder it served perfectly as the palace garden in the film, where Mozart played his music for the emperor and his spouse.

After you've passed the narrow street sided with statues, you'll face the monumental sala terrena. In the film, it was here precisely that Joseph II, Holy Roman Emperor, sat. Come and have a seat in the archway of the garden, and imagine the imperial company you're in. Can you hear the vivacious tunes of Mozart's music?

Did you know that actor Tom Hulce, Mozart in the film, practised piano for several hours every day, only to appear natural in front of the camera? He also spent a lot of time watching an actual conductor's recording to learn and master his moves. This is why in the film, there isn't a single conflict between the piano fingering and the music you hear.


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