Confluence of rivers

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The Illusionist

Central Bohemia


Confluence of rivers

The place where the river Želivka flows into the river Sázava is by right considered as one of the most romantic confluence points in the Czech Republic. It is perhaps why director Neil Burger chose it for the scene in which the hero of the film The Illusionist (Edward Norton) finds his lost love Sophie (Jessica Biel) in the water.

Despite the tension of the scene and the inevitable tragedy, it's hard for the viewer of The Illusionist not to notice the picturesqueness of the confluence of the two Czech rivers. The typical greenery around and the gurgling of the water add a poetic touch to the atmosphere, although the general mood and the weather are rather gloomy. At the confluence point, the banks and the trees bending over the water surface hide both the rivers and the rock.

It is best accessible from Soutice - take the road from there and walk the pathway to the confluence point. In the village you can find a small castle and a few sacral relics. The closest bigger town is Zruč nad Sázavou, a very interesting town lying between the meanders of the river Sázava.


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