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The Illusionist

Central Bohemia

Chateau Konopiště


It was from Chateau Konopiště that successor to the Austrian throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, set out for his hunting occasions. His fictive successor, Leopold, does the exact same thing in the film The Illusionist. Apart from the surrounding forests, a remarkable collection of antlers can be spotted in the film.

Inspector Uhl is about to inform the sovereign-to-be about the progress in the investigation of Leopold's deceased fiancée and a certain gifted illusionist. He walks through a long hall and examines the trophies on the walls, so plentiful they are a bit frightening. Part of them has been hanging here the days of the Habsburg dynasty, as Chateau Konopiště was a hunting residence of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria.

Later in the film, the chateau reappears in the picture, from the exterior - during Leopold's hunting. Besides the souvenirs of Franz Ferdinand's greatest passion, you can also visit his private and representative chambers and other rooms, as part of one of the guided tours. If you prefer to spend your day outside, you are welcome to have a rest in the large gardens, belonging to the chateau.


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