Oskar Nedbal Theatre

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The Illusionist

East Bohemia


Oskar Nedbal Theatre

For the shoot outdoor sets had to be added to the theatre’s exterior to hide nearby modern structures. What needed hardly any alteration, however, was the old theatre auditorium, designed for intimate performances. It is just here that the magician Eisenheim conjures a ghost.

A large auditorium was added to the small 19th century one during a 1960s renovation. The two spaces are situated at right angles and share a single stage, a solution that is exceptional not only in the Czech Republic but the whole of Central Europe.

Tábor is home to several other historic landmarks, including the remains of a castle, the Kotnov Tower, the late Gothic Old Town Hall and the Kostnice House, which has Gothic and Renaissance elements. The Jordán reservoir is also noteworthy. It was created in 1492, making it the oldest reservoir in Central Europe. Today it serves as a back-up reservoir and recreational area.


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