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The Illusionist



Café Imperial

Jan Beneš’s Art Nouveau mosaic and the building’s Art Deco exterior are the hallmark of one of Prague’s most luxurious restaurants – Café Imperial. Its atmosphere transports visitors back to the inter-war period and a tradition of good food and drink.

When the successful young illusionist Eisenhem joins his impresario for breakfast his future appears at first glance as dazzling as the luxurious interior of Prague’s Café Imperial. The interior radiates like the smile of his “manager”, who hears coins clinking in his cash box at the thought of the magician’s sold-out performances.

Only the illusionist’s gloomy expression and lack of appetite suggest the complications that await him in the film. But this is lost on Josef Fischer. Nothing is more wonderful than, with great coffee and two pieces of strudel, reading glowing reviews of his charge and dreaming of the future.


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