Vinohrady Theatre

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The Illusionist



Vinohrady Theatre

The most famous magicians sell out large theatres and arenas to this day. It was no different in the past. The protagonist in the Edward Norton film The Illusionist required a worthy stage. He found one at the Vinohrady Theatre.

At the height of his fame, the magician Eisenheim performed tricks at large, grand theatres magnificent enough even for successor to the throne. Prague’s Vinohrady Theatre provided the required impressively luxurious interior, while its Art Nouveau facade was also ideal for filming.

The film viewer watches the same spectacular on-stage tricks with an orange or mirror that wow the audience in the theatre. We also see Eisenheim in front of the theatre’s doors performing a classic magic trick with coins when he encounters a group of begging children who look straight out of Oliver Twist.


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