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The Illusionist

East Bohemia

Český Krumlov


Great love asks for a decent backdrop. This is why the makers of the film The Illusionist chose Český Krumlov as the setting for the first encounter between conjurer Eisenhem and the young lady Sophie. The historical background gives their budding love a certain touch of fatefulness.

A young joiner lad has just got acquainted to illusionism and needs to practise. He cares little for being perceived as an oddity, he walks down Dlouhá Street in Český Krumlov, balancing an egg on a stick. In this moment, young Duchess von Teschen spots him during her ride. Love between different social classes has never been in big favour, that's why Sophie decides to keep her distance from the conjurer. The carriage takes her from the Latrán quarter back to the castle. It could be to the tower which writer Karel Čapek claimed to be "the most towery tower of all."

The unmistakable atmosphere of Český Krumlov wasn't charming only for the filmmakers, but convinced the UNESCO to take the historic part of town lying on the river Vltava under its protection.


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