Chateau Dobříš

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The Illusionist

Central Bohemia

Chateau Dobříš

A private magic show for successor to the throne Leopold takes place in the interior of Chateau Dobříš. The future monarch wants to solve every trick, though his guests prefer to be dazzled by the illusions and the chateau’s Mirror Hall.

In the movie The Illusionist the Mirror Hall at Chateau Dobříš stands in for the interior of the Hofburg Palace, the official residence of the rulers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In beauty and grandeur it is fully the equal of an imperial residence. It is right here that the illusionist Eisenheim performs an amazing trick with a sword that puts him in the crown prince’s bad books for good. Chateau Dobříš' exhibition and the French garden are open all year round.

Visitors can trace Czech literary history at the nearby Čapek Monument at Strž in Stará Huť. A trip to the cosy villa with a beautiful garden will transport you to the place where Czech writer (and inventor of the word "robot") Karel Čapek spent his holiday, wrote many of his works, and worked on his collection A Gardener’s Year.


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