The house of Jan Palach

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The Burning Bush

Central Bohemia


The house of Jan Palach

The native house of Jan Palach on Smetanova Street was used in The Burning Bush for its own role. Black screen was hung over the windows for filming purposes, and the plaque, placed on the house in 1993, was hidden under a formwork.

The small house at the end of the street witnessed a large part of Palach's life. His room was on the first floor, and his parents ran a candy shop on the ground floor. It was from here that he walked to the Všetaty train station, to finish his life path in flames on Wenceslas Square in Prague.

The house is now deserted, yet it commemorates its famous inhabitant with a bronze plaque. Stop for a while and pay a silent tribute to a young man who was inspired by Buddhist priests and burnt himself to death under protest of the social passivity in the question of the occupation and the normalization that followed.  


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