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The Burning Bush

Central Bohemia


Neratovice is only a few kilometres from Prague, but even the shortest of journeys can seem never ending. This was the case of Jan Palach's mother, when coincidence stroke and she learned on the train about what had happened to her son.

The news about the demonstrative act of protest of Jan Palach spread out very fast. The daily Práce published a short article "The tragedy of our time" the very next day, together with Jan Palach's photo from his university student's book. Still, the information hadn't spread out quickly enough, and Palach's mother learned the news from the newspaper.

Time is relative, and minutes can seem like ages. The train station in Neratovice stands as a mute witness of unappeasable grief of a parent who survived her child. The place is a silent memory of the fact that heroism brings great personal sacrifice.


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