Archbishop’s Palace

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Archbishop’s Palace

Do you recall the mad laughter of the music genius, spreading throught the majestic halls of the royal court? This is where it happened, the fatal moment when Salieri first saw Mozart with his own eyes.

One of the most majestic buildings in the Czech Republic, today a listed monument on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can spend days strolling around and feasting your eyes on its architecture, art collections or the famous Pleasure Garden.

You know what? Let’s leave history aside for now. Watch Miloš Forman’s Amadeus along with your breakfast, and follow the young and laughing Mozart. Let the local beauty work its magic and just imagine you and the kooky genius running through the chambers for your own concert that you are missing. Imagine yourselves and other ‘big wigs’ at the archbishop’s event in the breath-taking Parliament Hall. Imagine 440 wax candles burning (before the electrification made by Křižík himself) from 22 chandeliers, so the powder on your face is melting. You will find the archbishop yelling at you heatedly in one of the chambers, but you won’t pay much attention to him, because right next door, the greatest feast you have ever seen is awaiting you. Ok, camera rolling… and action!


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