Kutná Hora

Pobřežní Street

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Edith Piaf

Central Bohemia

Kutná Hora

Pobřežní Street

Love can be found in places you'd never expect. Little Edith Piaf grew up without her mother in the streets of Paris and found maternal care in the arms of prostitutes. The place where the future singing star found a piece of her happy childhood was in Kutná Hora, on Pobřežní Street.

When little Edith jumps around with joy, holding hands with two women of low reputation, she cares little about what others think. She remained this carefree all her life. It was maybe because she found affection with people who were despised by the honourable public that made her feel close to the less fortunate. How much of her childhood experience had been projected into her emphatic singing, that we can only guess.

The inconspicuous Pobřežní Street, meandering around the river Vrchlice, has a distinctive allure. When you're there, have a look at the house standing on the arcs above the street - little Edith in the film walked past it as well, on the other side of the river. You can continue going down Pobřežní Street and then take the street Pod Barborou, until you reach the gem of Kutná Hora - St. Barbara's Church, a masterpiece of Johann Parler, Matthias Rejsek and Benedikt Rejt.


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