Wallenstein Palace – Knights' Hall

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Wallenstein Palace – Knights' Hall

It is with these words that Salieri takes us to the biggest hall of the Wallenstein Palace, a hall that lent its interiors to the papal chambers in Rome in the film. It is where Mozart played the pianino for him, blindfolded. He then went on mastering the violin, further impressing the audience.

The impressive interiors of the Knights' Hall, its marble portals and tall arch provide perfect acoustics. The Baroque architecture is reminiscent of the ecclesiastical seat. You can be just like the pope and yield to the tunes of a boy who wrote his first piece of music at the age of four. You can be like Salieri and dream of a life of a renowned musician, whose name will remain immortal.

It is said that when actor Vladimír Svitáček, playing the role of the pope, was returning to the Barrandov studios in his outfit, he gave blessings to the passers-by. Rumour in those days had it that the pope himself, John Paul II, secretly visited Prague.


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