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Lucerna Palace

In the film, the great hall in Lucerna witnessed Edith Piaf's both first and last triumph. Its interiors served for filming the petite singer's big introduction to her musical career, the performance of her immortal song Non, je ne regrette rien, as well as the artist's breakdown during her last concert.

The destiny of the singer called The Little Sparrow was inseparably associated with the desire to sing. The owner of one of the most original voices that have ever been recorded lived a short yet intense life. All of her joy and sorrow was expressed through singing.

It was the very beginning (and the end) of her career performed by film star Marion Cotillard that was shot in the Lucerna Palace near Wenceslas Square. The extraordinary building, designed with a touch of Art Nouveau and Modernism, is one of the first ferroconcrete constructions in Prague. Moreover, it has a unique arcade with a glass ceiling.

The interiors of Lucerna have been more and more often used for various cultural events. It was the concert hall's atmosphere that impressed director Olivier Dahan. Thus, a setting for Piaf's both first and last performance was chosen for the film.


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