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Hotel International Prague

The film Edith Piaf shows a whole lot of luxurious hotels that hosted the singer on her travels around the world. One of them is the hotel International, a building that caused quite a bit of inconsistency among the inhabitants of Prague.

The life of the loved and admired chanson singer is, especially in the second half of the film, associated to travelling and luxury. It was therefore necessary to find a number of hotels that would emphasize the artist's nomadic lifestyle she was exercising at the time. Apart from Grandhotel Pupp in Karlovy Vary or the Municipal House in Prague, the hotel International is yet another Czech representative in the film.

The cultural landmark, built in the socialist realistic style, is reminiscent of many luxurious world hotels, with its vertical disposition and the sixteen floors. It's a true copy of the style of the communist regime, and is its rare example in Prague. Its creation in the paranoid period of the 1950s influenced the function of the basement, for example - originally, an anti-nuclear cover was placed here, providing refuge for up to six hundred people for roughly two weeks.


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