Square Náměstí 5. května

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Edith Piaf

North Bohemia


Square Náměstí 5. května

The tiny square with its old houses and the Baroque column in the middle looks like a proper film backdrop, but in reality it's just like it is seen on screen. Its mildly shabby but typical atmosphere also impressed the makers of the biographical film Edith Piaf.

On the square of irregular shape, with typical stone paving, you can find the Baroque pillar of St. Florian and a few trees, providing shade during hot summer days. When no modern-day cars are parked around, it's hard to guess which century you're in. This comes handy when you're making a historical film, Edith Piaf, starring Marion Cotillard, for example. Little Edith sang La Marseillaise for her father's performance here. Suffice to go through the lyrics to the French anthem and you can sing along with her.

Interesting fact - the pillar bears the sculpture of the Holy Trinity, but it's dedicated to St. Florian. The patron saint of firefighters was placed here as a memory of the fire that took place more than 250 years ago.


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