Old Town Square

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The Good Soldier Švejk



Old Town Square

Archduke Ferdinand, successor to the throne, was assassinated in Sarajevo. The Habsburg monarchy is getting ready for war, which will paralyse Europe for six long years. A scene with no words spoken, yet so telling. The military band is marching through Prague, playing cheerful tunes. Cheerful for now...​

The energetic music drowns out the blues. What is actually going on in the participants' heads? They're walking over the paving in one of Prague's most amazing locations - will the phantom of the approaching war prevent them to perceive the surrounding beauty? Let's follow them and start in Ungelt, for example. Originally a medieval merchant yard, the place has been astonishing with elegance to this day. The narrow street passing by the Gothic house U Kamenného zvonu leads to the Old Town Square (Staroměstské náměstí). With the long shadows cast by the graceful towers of the Týn Church behind our back, we go past the city hall with the astronomical clock, past the house U Minuty and behind the corner, to the Small Square (Malý rynek), where the ancient fountain invites you without saying a word to drop in your lucky coin!

Let's time travel now, a few decades back. An American agent is killed in Prague and Vin Diesel takes the plane over the Atlantic. What for? To catch the bad guys, of course. The beginning of the film xXx: a night take of the Old Town Square. The city centre of Prague is a hot location also for international film productions, that's general knowledge. Remember the time when, in the first episode of Mission: Impossible, Tom Cruise was in a hurry, when the restaurant explosion broke the windows of the giant aquarium to pieces?


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