Haštalská Street

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The Good Soldier Švejk



Haštalská Street

The escort is taking Švejk to military chaplain Katz. Today, you won't find public toilets in the place where the presumed accused, convicted to death, got him an adjournment. Don't hesitate to explore the neighbourhood around Haštalská Street, you'll discover that many places have preserved the atmosphere from the film Good Soldier Švejk to this day.

You can continue from Haštalská Street up a street named U Obecního dvora. You'll be rewarded with a view on the precious area of the original barns that escaped renovations in the early 20th century due to lack of money. Be careful, though! Mysterious passages, courtyards with balconies and many other romantic corners will easily ensnare an unexperienced tourist. Are you lost already? Take a rest in one of the local pubs and once you're refreshed, set out on your stroll again.

If you happen to see filmmakers on your way, you'll be probably situated in one of Prague's hot film locations, called Goat Square (kozí plácek). Don't waste time looking it up on a map, though. Although the good soldier Josef Švejk wouldn't call it otherwise himself, it isn't its official name, it's just a part of Kozí Street.


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