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Prague - Vítkov

Director Guillermo del Toro came to Prague and filmed Hellboy, one of the most original comic book series adaptation of all time. Do you know where the 'Red Boy' lived?

The Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defence, where Hellboy resided in a more or less voluntary prison, was nothing else but the National Monument in Vítkov. For Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman, the actor of Hellboy, Prague had already been an old acquaintance. Not long before that they filmed Blade II, and it was perhaps the reason why the Mexican director managed to cast Perlman before Vin Diesel, who was the studio's original choice.

Czech actor Karel Roden featured in the film as well - for his role of the evil Rasputin he grew a beard and lost some of his hair. The leader of the Nazi occult group, Karl Ruprecht Kroenen, was portrayed by actor, choreographer and dancer Ladislav Beran.

In Vítkov you can visit permanent expositions, as well as short-term ones. However, one of the most inviting rewards for visiting this hill in Prague are the magnificent views over the whole city.


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