Prague - The Václav Havel International Airport

„Not all agents are the same!“

Prague - The Václav Havel International Airport

A tough super secret agent, an irresistible seducer and a heartbreaker... who else could it be but James Bond himself? The turning episode in which Daniel Craig replaced Pierce Brosnan in the 007 services, and Prague made an appearance on the silver screen.

The Václav Havel International Airport couldn't go unnoticed. Even though the focus of the story - the big game with a criminal called Le Chiffre - was centered to Karlovy Vary alias Montenegro, the Prague airport played the role of the one in Miami. After all, all airports are nearly the same, aren't they?

However, observant fans of aviatics aren't easily fooled. The shot shows a Boeing 737 of the Czech flying company Travel Service, although no Travel Service airplane has ever flown to the fictive Miami airport, and all is revealed. You say you haven't noticed anything? Nevermind. As a film fan you surely haven't missed the change of the flying company. There were times when James Bond flew first class with British Airways, now he prefers Virgin Atlantic. Coincidence? We think not.

To get to or from the Václav Havel Airport, you don't need no gadgets, no special training, no way. Suffice to use the public transport, with a valid ticket of course.


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