Chateau Dobříš - Garden

„"The royal garden" will take your breath away.“
Central Bohemia

Chateau Dobříš - Garden

One of the most wonderful gardens in the country attracted the film crew of the BBC series The Musketeers, and thanks to that, audiences all over the world can admire its beauty, well on screen at least. Where were the scenes from the popular historical series filmed?

The famous classic in a new conception took place (among other places) in a beautiful French style garden of the Dobříš Chateau. The luxurious surroundings were the setting of scenes of the French royal family. This is where King Louis welcomed his spouse Anna after her arrival from the convent, and Aramis met a former musketeer Marsac here as well.

Take a walk around the Dobříš Chateau and feast your eyes on the amazing fauna. The garden is decorated by an imposing statue made by Ignaz Franz Platzer, and nearby the chateau you'll find a big romantic English park, a national monument, with the mysterious Devil's Bridge (Čertův most).


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