Karlovy Vary

Spa Street

„Shake, don't stir...“
West Bohemia

Karlovy Vary

Spa Street

James Bond and the charming Vesper Lynd were after a criminal with a brilliant mind in the Bond film Casino Royale. The famous couple, starring Daniel Craig and Eva Green, were on their delicate mission in Karlovy Vary.

The well known spa town was changed into a small Montenegrin town and the setting of a poker tournament where huge amounts of money were at stake. Thus, Bond fans worldwide could admire Karlovy Vary on screen!

After their arrival to the town, Vesper Lynd and James Bond got off on Lázeňská Street, where the impressive neo-Renaissance Mill Colonnade (Mlýnská kolonáda) is found - one of the four colonnades in Karlovy Vary. Later they headed to the famous Grandhotel Pupp, where the mentioned tournament took place under the baton of the criminal Le Chiffre.

Come be taken away by the exuberance of one of the most favourite spa destination in the country!


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