Český Krumlov

Objížďková Street

„Barbra Streisand's stardust.“
South Bohemia

Český Krumlov

Objížďková Street

Barbra Streisand is no doubt a multi-talented artist! The lady who's a brilliant actor and singer is no less of an outstanding film director. She's proved her qualities with her directorial debut that was filmed in the backdrop of a real gem of South Bohemia.

And what a debut it was! It was awarded with two Golden Globes for best picture and directing, and an Oscar for best score. The star artist was taken away by the historical center of Český Krumlov for filming the story of a Jewish girl who must pretend to be a man to make her dreams come true. There's little wonder why this particular town was chosen, as it's registered on the UNESCO Heritage List and is truly amazing.

The film showed the spectacular panorama of the town and a street that is named Objížďková (Diversion Street). Make sure not to leave out visiting the local castle and the park with the unique rotating auditorium. Take a walk by the magical river Vltava. You'll quickly realize why Český Krumlov is so loved by film-makers. And many others. 


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