Kinsky Garden

„Smells like vampires around here!“


Kinsky Garden

The sequel to the successful comic book adaptation, the vampiric and bloodthirsty Blade II, was partly filmed in Prague. For this purpose, director Guillermo del Toro chose one of the most known historical gardens in town.

The cult Mexican director's team entered the Kinsky Garden in Smíchov. You don't have to fear the bloodthirsty beasts there anymore these days, but you can look forward to a nice walk and many interesting things to see. For example, the wooden little St. Archangel Michael's Church travelled here all the way from Carpathian Ruthenia, you can find the summer house of the Kinsky family or the pillar sundial.

During the filming of Blade, Guillermo del Toro came to like Prague so much that he decided to return two years later, to shoot his Hellboy film. Actor Wesley Snipes, the performer of Blade, has probably not-so-good memories of the Czech capital, as he injured his ligaments and fingers on the set.

So enjoy your stay in the garden, just be careful of yourself!


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