Prague - Žižkov freight railway station

„A place that gave James McAvoy a hard time.“

Prague - Žižkov freight railway station

The Žižkov freight railway station promises a piece of industrial magic. The functionalist gem also became the setting of one of the most dramatic scenes of the action film starring James McAvoy.

This is where Wesley was waiting with Fox and Pekwarsky, who was supposed to set up a meeting with Cross. However, Pekwarsky got away from Wesley (James McAvoy) and Fox (Angelina Jolie) on a crowded platform. A dramatic pursuit followed, with Angie trying to chase the Pendolino train in an old Lada car. The film shows the platform and the area in front of the station, from where Angelina took off to begin the cool mission.

The station, a recently proclaimed cultural monument, is nowadays a setting of many cultural events. You can come see a theatre performance or a film in the open-air cinema, visit exhibitions and music concerts.

So don't hesitate another minute and chop-chop to the train station!


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