Prague - National Museum

„This is where James Bond got his heart broken.“

Prague - National Museum

Touching James Bond's heart is impossible... you think? False. The famous dandy experienced a painful emotional heart injury and got his ego kicked in the middle of Prague.

James Bond, played by Daniel Craig, walked down the steps of the National Museum, after finding out that he had been left and most probably tricked by the charming Vesper Lynd. His former partner, played by the beautiful Eva Green, disappeared without a trace. And with all the money.

A happier atmosphere was present in the National Museum during the shooting of another famous "agent film" - Mission Impossible - this was the setting of a cocktail party at the American Embassy.

And Hollywood for the third time - the museum on Wenceslas Square was where film-makers came to shoot a part of the grim drama set in Victorian London, From Hell. Since there can never be enough of handsome film stars, who else but Johnny Depp was to act in this gloomy comic book adaptation.

Cruise, Depp, Craig - truly an impressive trio!


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