Karlovy Vary

Festival Bridge

„This place made Bond feel uneasy.“
West Bohemia

Karlovy Vary

Festival Bridge

In the action film Casino Royale, Karlovy Vary nearly became fatal for James Bond. The cool British agent is not easily put down, but he was on his last legs by the Festival Bridge.

Plus, it was his favourite drink that got him into trouble! Well yes, with a drop of poison this time... This is how the bad guy Le Chiffre, played by the outstanding Mads Mikkelsen, wanted to get rid of the famous agent. James Bond did manage to crawl to his car with what was left of his strength, but eventually passed out. If it weren't for his femme fatale, Vesper Lynd (Eva Green), it would have been all over for the British dandy.

The Festival Bridge, where James Bond nearly lost his life, can be found by the Imperial Spa (Císařské lázně) near Grandhotel Pupp. Besides Casino Royale, an adventure comedy called Shanghai Knights, starring Jackie Chan, was also filmed here.

So raise your cups of the local mineral water, drink up and let's follow in the footsteps of action heroes and heroines!


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