Žerotín Square

„A Russian classic in the Haná region.“
Moravia and Silesia


Žerotín Square

In the very heart of Olomouc lies a picturesque little square with the statue of Saint Florian and the imposing St. Michael's Church. It is called Žerotín Square, and has amazed the makers of the 2002 film adaptation of the famous Russian novel Doctor Zhivago.

Žerotín Square with the St. John Sarkander's Chapel is surrounded with beautiful historical houses, and is one of the locations in Olomouc appearing in the film. Other places that represented historical Russia on screen were the buildings of the Faculty of Theology and the nearby Zbrojnice (Armoury), that is no longer guarding classic weapons but has become a university library instead.

You can walk from here taking Denis Street, where one of the most touching scenes of the film took place - Lara Antipova, played by Keira Knightley, is parting with her son, when she realizes that the police is waiting for her (on Univerzitní Street). The boy also runs through Denis Street after Zhivago's lover is arrested.

Why did the filmmakers choose the centre of Olomouc? An important fact was that there are wide streets to be found, including Denis Street, which are reminiscent of the boulevards in Moscow. Either way, they made an excellent choice.


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