Prague Castle

Third Courtyard

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A Knight's Tale


Prague Castle

Third Courtyard

A medieval romance in the rhythm of popular music? Why not? The famous film A Knight's Tale did a perfect job connecting both. Although the London in the film was actually Prague.

Prague has had quite a bit of experience standing in for other cities on screen. In A Knight's Tale it portrayed the medieval London, and thanks to that the St. Vitus’ Cathedral had the chance to witness the presence of two Hollywood stars. Australian Heath Ledger played the charismatic young William who craved to become knight. Actress Shannyn Sossamon lent her face to Jocelyn, a beautiful peeress with whom William fell headlong in love.

The film crew also visited another Prague monument - the Charles Bridge. This is where William and his friends marched to a world knight tournament based in London. The film changed the appearance of the bridge substantially. Its tower is reminiscent of Tower Bridge and typical English brick houses are lined all along its length.


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