Vejprty - Train station

North Bohemia

Vejprty - Train station

A train station is an intersection of destinies - suffice to pull the railway switch and the destination is suddenly changed forever. People come and go, just like they do in life. The joy of greeting and the sorrow of parting create a special atmosphere in these places.

The German wife of Jan Dítě, Lisa, is leaving to the front to fight for the most beautiful army; in her mind, at least. At this point, she's unaware of what the future will bring. On the other track, a stock car is standing, waiting to be sent off to Poland. Mr Walden and others in their striped uniforms are left with no one waving them goodbye. Their fates, though, are crystal clear.

Both of the film trains left from the station in Děčín, but in real life, this is a station in Vejprty, in the Ore Mountains, separated from the neighbouring Germany only by a nearby stream. In the past, this used to be quite an important train station with a large complex of railway buildings, however, most of them didn't stand up to the ravages of time. Nowadays, the shabby station offers a perfect melancholic mood of parting. If you're looking for some more of the Ore Mountains atmosphere, you can make a trip to Klínovec, the highest peak in the region, not far from here.


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