Chotěšov Monastery

„Anthony Hopkins in action!“
West Bohemia

Chotěšov Monastery

Shootouts and dangerous plots behind the walls of a convent? Yes. At least in the Hollywood action movie Bad Company by Joel Schumacher. That’s right – the director of Phone Booth and Falling Down.

The US filmmakers shot hard-hitting scenes at Chotěšov Abbey. Why not? The monumental building is the perfect setting for gripping scenes, providing them a distinctive edge. Lots of gunfire took place in front of the convent and a bomb was due to be handed over at the chapel though a double murder put paid to that.

You can follow in the agents’ footsteps every Sunday in the season, when Chotěšov Abbey is open to the public, though appointments can be made for other times. Alongside the complex itself you can visit the square Náměstí 1. máje, where Anthony Hopkins and Chris Rock drove up.

However, the Americans weren’t the first to be won over by Chotěšov. Ivan, the protagonist of 3 Seasons in Hell, passed through here. And it was also converted into a dilapidated chateau residence in the Poison episode of the legendary series Adventures in Crime Scene Investigation, becoming the hated home of Marie Lafarge, found guilty of poisoning her husband.


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