Křivoklát Castle

„The castle where Monica Bellucci got married.“
Central Bohemia

Křivoklát Castle

Monsters and dangerous spells, that's what the Grimm brothers have to deal with - at least in the film Brothers Grimm. Famous director Terry Gilliam chose the medieval Křivoklát Castle for shooting this exciting dark story.

Like this, Italian beauty Monica Bellucci could get married in the castle chapel (literally) like a queen. The chapel is one of the most prominent Gothic monuments in the Czech Republic. A couple of charming gentlemen also strolled around the site, Heath Ledger and Matt Damon, in the roles of the two brothers. And this is where they were questioned by the general.

Křivoklát was also the home to Queen Elise in the musical A Night at Karlštejn - it was on this yard that the conjurers attempted to entertain her. In the fairy tale The Third Prince, the castle was home to the king and his three sons.

A bit of suspense for the end. It was in these exact castle chambers that bad boy James McAvoy walked about in Wanted, also starring Angelina Jolie. The controversial Borgias and their plotting was also done here - at least in the series of the same name. And The Three Musketeers of BBC production also spent some time on the site!

What a bunch of famous stars! Follow in their footsteps and enjoy one the most beautiful castles in the country, attracting filmmakers from all over the world.


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