Třebíč Castle

„In Třebíč, there's treasure to be found!“
Moravia and Silesia

Třebíč Castle

The young and beautiful Magda Vašáryová walked around this treasured historical sight in Třebíč in one of her most famous roles; this where the makers of the legendary film Marketa Lazarová came to shoot one of the gems of Czechoslovak cinema.

For the convent scenes, director František Vláčil chose St. Prokop's Basilica. The filmmakers also used the Romanesque crypt that provided perfect atmosphere for the gloomy story of the harsh Middle Ages. There's a secret tunnel leading from the crypt, said to run into the village Sokolí nearby, and rumours have it that it there's treasure to be found in it, that was hidden from the Hussites centuries ago. Who knows. There were times when the crypt served as a brewery storage room.

The basilica in Třebíč is a treasure of its own. The unique Roman-Gothic monument can be found on the UNESCO list, and is sure to amaze you with its grandiose magnificence. It's not the only historical site on the prestigious list, though - the Jewish quarter and the cemetery are also part of it. There's a museum in the castle, and the environment that is interlaced with many pathways and cycle tracks will be icing on the cake for any visitor. 

A real bagful of experience, wouldn't you agree? Up to Vysočina!


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