Rabí Castle

„Visit the castle where the famous general lost his eye.“
East Bohemia

Rabí Castle

Marketa Lazarová is one of the shiniest gems of Czech cinematography. The famous picture, proclaimed in the late nineties as the most outstanding film of Czechoslovak cinema by film critics, was partly shot in the beautiful castle ruins in Šumava.

The impressive castle Rabí was changed into medieval Boleslav for the film. This is where one of the characters, Kozlík, drew a new knife on the general. The latter, on the contrary, swore revenge by one of the massive walls. And Marketa watched Rabí for Mikoláš, her murdered lover.

The gloomy beauty of the largest Czech castle ruins provides ideal backdrop for old-world stories, knight tournaments and exciting fighting scenes - no shortage of drama here. It was on Rabí that Jan Žižka lost his right eye during a siege in the Hussite Wars. Was he a brigand? An unbeatable soldier and strategist? A religious fanatic? A charismatic leader? We can only argue over all of that. What is undisputable, though, is his role in Czech history.

Impressive are also both of the castle tours. One leads through the palace into the dungeons, the second will take you to a wonderful view onto a nearly thirty-meter high tower wall and then to the deepest cellar with stalactites.


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