„Visit the home of big-screen bandits.“
East Bohemia


Klokočín was the setting for a medieval love story. The fortress near Písek was selected by the makers of Marketa Lazarová, regarded as one of the greatest ever Czech films.

Klokočín was turned into Roháček, home of the bandit Kozlík and his family. Marketa Lazarová, offspring of an enemy family and lover of Kozlík’s son Mikoláš, came here, as did the unhappy Alexandra, who had fallen in love with the imprisoned Kristián.

At the time it was apparently the gloomy atmosphere of the half-decrepit stronghold that appealed to the great director and artist František Vláčil. Today, though, you will not find a ruin. It recently rose “from the ashes” and was converted into a well-tended Renaissance residence. However, the renovation did not do away with its romantic atmosphere. A nature trail runs through the charming valley on the banks of the Blanice, including a short branch dedicated to Klokočín. Off to the south!


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