East Bohemia

Broumov Monastery

The dark prophecy of Father Toderik is becoming sad reality. The evil is getting closer. The monks of the monastery in Broumov are trying their best to help the police. Will it be enough, though? Will the key to the mysterious parchment with numbers be found? It will certainly be no satanic bingo.

The monastery isn't just a praying place for the monks, it's also their study. Apart from the majestic presbytery, which appeared several times in front of the camera, the most frequented place is the monastery library. This is where the Devil's Bible was moved to in the Middle Ages. Religionist Runa (played by Ivan Trojan), who is trying to solve the mystery of page 289, also asks the Benedictine monks about the book.

The Broumov Monastery (Broumovský klášter) was the region's cultural centre in the past. Local high school taught famous students like Bohuslav Balbín, Czech writer, historian and advocate of the Czech language in the time of incoming germanisation of the Czech lands, or Alois Jirásek, Czech writer, author of historical novels and plays and a multiple Nobel Prize nominee. The series adaptation of Jirásek's famous work, F. L. Věk, was also filmed here.

The monastery treasures a copy of the Turin Shroud from mid-17th century, the only one in central Europe. The mummies stored in the basement are only a century younger. The whole site underwent detailed reconstruction in 2015. You can find accommodation capacities here, as well as a recording studio.


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