„One who didn't steal for himself has to accept he didn't win.“
South Bohemia


Where was the filming of the most legendary Czech ball set? Piece of cake, isn't it? It was in Vrchlabí, and it was definitely for the film The Firemen's Ball. The satirical comedy of the Oscar-winning director Miloš Forman is timeless and has been loved for over 40 years.

The awkward beauty contest and the infamous tombola stealing were filmed in a community centre in Vrchlabí. You'll find it still standing on Vančurova Street.

Where to next? The mountains, the very top of them! If you're a lover of hiking, skiing and other kinds of sliding, you can look forward to long kilometres of trails and slopes. Nearby is the ski area Kněžický vrch, and many cross country skiing trails of all difficulty levels are also available. In summer, you can refresh yourself in the natural swimming area Vejsplachy, ride the Jizersko-Krkonoše road and Labská stezka on your bicycle and enjoy the interesting project called Bikearena Krkonoše. Vrchlabí is simply a paradise for sportspeople!


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