Slezská Harta

„Visit the Moravian Orléans!“
Moravia and Silesia

Slezská Harta

The famous Milla Jovovich has fought in Moravia. War is war. Clanging swords, whizzing arrows, neighing horses, the roars of people, sometimes of genuine pain. Scenes from the blockbuster The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc, starring the famous actress, were shot at the reservoir.

The area surrounding the Slezská Harta reservoir in the Bruntál district was turned into a besieged Orleáns. While the backdrop of the famous city has disappeared (and part was created by CGI), the place is still well worth seeing. It is the ideal spot for lovers of fishing, bathing and yachting. Visitors can also admire the beauty of the area on a sightseeing cruise, while cyclists won’t be disappointed either.

In the surrounding area one can also visit the Razová Tuffites, rare wall quarries that are a natural landmark. The extinct volcanoes Coalman’s Hill, Large Roudný Hill and Small Roudný Hill are also noteworthy. Sounds like a jam-packed day out.


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