Pernštejn Castle

„A castle that filmmakers just love. Will you?“
Moravia and Silesia

Pernštejn Castle

The opening credits of the film Wanted are finishing and tough guy Wesley is walking through the gate of the monastery where his Brotherhood was once established. He has a task to accomplish and is looking for a sidekick. You, on the contrary, can find quite a few film heroes here.

Director Timur Bekmambetov chose this majestic castle in Moravia for filming Wanted. Assassin Wesley, played by the excellent James McAvoy, came here to look for the mysterious Pekwarsky, the manufacturer of the bullet that hit him.

Pernštejn was transformed into a castle in Transylvania in a horror thriller Van Helsing. However, the scene in which the peasants attack the castle was digitally alternated afterwards.

Let's jump into the vortex of the French Revolution, straight into the series called The Scarlet Pimpernel to Pernštejn Castle. The small dauphin was held in the local jail, later set free by Pimpernel, who ruined Marguerite's dress during the rescue.

It was the tower called Barborka where Princess Rosie in the fairy tale How to Wake Up Princesses looked out from. Its windows of different colours symbolize the four seasons. Don't forget to have a look, but beware not to look too deep into the castle mirrors; they're said to steal beauty! It's better to look into the countryside. Pernštejn has a special atmosphere, so feel free to be amazed.


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