Doksany Monastery

„All for one, and one for all!“
North Bohemia

Doksany Monastery

The Scarlet Pimpernel - a mystery man, terrifying all flunkeys of the French Revolution. No one assumes who is rescuing convicts from under the guillotine and keeping them safe. The series adaptation of the famous book was filmed in Doksany.

The walls of the local convent served the purposes for drama perfectly. The tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife! Claudette - dressed as a man - is approaching the entrance gate, to report as guard in the military barracks, so she can rescue Lord Sidney. Another resuce in the convent is a plan of which tailor Planchet is part of. It's about setting Annette de Martignac free before she's beheaded, right here!

This wasn't the only time that Doksany was disguised as historic France. Film architects added a few of "new" walls, mysterious corners, entrance gates and houses, and the "base" for the musketeers from the BBC series of the same name was all set. It was here that D'Artagnan first met the charming Milady, and fell for lady's maid Constance at first sight at the local marketplace. 

Despite all the drama depicted in films, the convent in Doksany is a peaceful place. It is administrated by Premonstratensian Sisters who will tell you about their strict rules in life on your tour. You'll also have the chance to explore the local Romanesque crypt. The convent in Doksany is one the most precious Baroque premises in the Czech Republic, and its austere atmosphere is just ideal for adaptations of old book classics.


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