Kačina Chateau

„The library at Kačina will take your breath away!“
Central Bohemia

Kačina Chateau

The Scarlet Pimpernel saved numerous aristocrats from the guillotine. The master of disguise managed to get the revolutionaries’ enemies to the safety of England. And during the shooting of the mini-series the Czech Kačina Chateau was converted into a UK residence.

The Classicist Central Bohemian chateau, associated with the Chotek family, is the location when Sir Percy and Lord William attend a science lecture. Percy is bored at the chateau library but perks up on the news of the arrest of the French scientist Picard.

Just a look at the imposing library with its columned gallery will make it clear why it was so appealing to the filmmakers. It is also popular for weddings, with many couples tying the knot among its thousands of books. Incidentally, the British recently returned to Kačina, with the heroes of the series The Three Musketeers also cavorting about here. The place simply has flair.

Kačina is the largest Empire style chateau in Central Europe and, fully in the spirit of the Classicist aesthetic, stands out from its surroundings. Visitors can look forward to five tour routes. After a stroll through the chateau’s rooms don’t neglect to check out its romantic English-style park or the deer park nature trail.


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