Kutná Hora

Church of St. James

„Possessed of one high tower.“
Central Bohemia

Kutná Hora

Church of St. James

You will instantly recognise Kutná Hora’s Church of St. James. After all it has two towers, one of which measures an impressive 84 metres while the other has never been completed. This may cause it to appear slightly unbalanced but at the same time adds to its charm.

When in one episode of the TV series The Scarlet Pimpernel pursues Francoise, she flees from him behind the facade of the Gothic Church of St. James. The shot shows to good effect its western facade and entrance, which is hidden between two towers of differing heights. Above it is a window with rich Gothic ornamentation.

The town church was built with the backing of rich Kutná Hora burghers. However, a number of important events impacted its construction. The building work was interrupted in the period of the Hussite Wars. Four years after its completion the church was damaged in a fire. A few years later the high northern tower was struck by lightning. However, the church withstood all of this damage. Today it serves for religious purposes and, thanks to its excellent acoustics and large organ, is also a great venue for concerts.


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