Holešov Castle

„The orphanage - sad home of the French prince.“
Moravia and Silesia

Holešov Castle

'Madame Guillotine' was on a spree during the French Revolution, and had it in especially for the aristocracy. Many noble heads remained safe thanks to the mysterious Scarlet Pimpernel. He even attempted to protect a member of the royal family.

Holešov Castle was transformed into an orphanage, where the French revolutionaries held captive the young Dauphin Louis Capet. The successor to the throne was sentenced to a degrading re-education, but no need to worry; you won't feel gloomy from his poor expectations and sorrow on the royal ground. Quite the contrary, the charming Baroque gardens, built for centuries in the French style, will embrace you with the elegance of the land of the Gallic rooster. You can admire the gem of the local park - the precious water system symbolizing the trident of Neptune - from a rented canoe or pedalo.


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