Slavkov Chateau

„A chateau where history has been made.“
Moravia and Silesia

Slavkov Chateau

Sir Percy, nicknamed the Scarlet Pimpernel, is a master of disguise who saves the innocent from the guillotine during the French Revolution. Slavkov (Austerlitz) Chateau near Brno was the setting for a dramatic scene in a mini-series adaptation of the famous story.

The extensive Baroque residence went up in flames in the series, with the Marquis de Rochambeau and his daughter barely managing to escape the blaze. The chateau was engulfed in a real fire at the end of the 19th century when part of its valuable art collection was lost. There are no signs whatever of this misfortune today and the chateau retains all its glory. It is associated with one Frenchman who came to prominence during the French Revolution: Napoleon Bonaparte. It was in its Historical Hall that a truce was signed after French forces annihilated the armies of Austria and Russia nearby.

Incidentally the hall boasts one very practical feature. It was designed in such a way that during political negotiations it was impossible to hear what clusters of people were chewing over, even if they were close to the listener. Ideal for conspirators.

The residence’s basement also gives it a mysterious air, while its park is also well worth checking out – it is one of the most beautiful in Moravia. An exhibition on the Battle of Austerlitz is located at the monumental Mound of Peace and military history buffs should check out Žuráň, from where Napoleon commanded his troops. Half a day is just not enough for Slavkov.


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