Jemniště Chateau

„A gallows by the gate.“
Central Bohemia

Jemniště Chateau

A brutal scene in the mini-series The Scarlet Pimpernel, in which one of the main characters lost her parents, was filmed in front of the Baroque Jemniště Chateau.

Right in front of the entrance, just by the chateau gates, Marguerite’s mother and father were executed. As a little girl, the future beautiful and courageous wife of Sir Percy, alias the Scarlet Pimpernel, was forced to watch the murders alongside her brother.

Though you won’t find a gallows in the chateau park, you will enjoy the pleasures of aristocratic living to the full. You are sure to delight in the chateau’s luxurious chambers and the Chapel of St. Joseph, while its Baroque garden and park are also not to be missed. Smell the beautiful roses and allow yourself to be inspired by the colourful splendour of the flowers and scents – in the style of the aristocratic ladies and gentlemen who took pleasure in the garden many years ago.


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