Square Kruhové náměstí

„Visit the square with interesting history and an even more interesting barrel.“
North Bohemia


Square Kruhové náměstí

The dominant feature of the square isn't its fountain, statue or marble pillar, but a giant beer barrel. Was it the barrel that lured in the ever thirsty revolutionaries from Les Misérables, or did the French keep to their own wine?

When Jean Valjean played by Liam Neeson walked around Kruhové náměstí Square in Les Misérables, there was no giant barrel in sight. The historical town Žatec managed its role of Paris brilliantly. Besides this particular location, the filming also took place on a small and rather inconspicuous spot on Chelčický Square.

Apart from the "stone film stars" such as the synagogue and the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, make sure to visit the local town hall or the set of historical hop-growing buildings, suggested for the UNESCO Heritage List. The best idea is to start your trip in the Renaissance gallery Galerie Sladovna Žatec and its exposition named "Žatec in film". This way, you won't miss out on any film that was shot in the area.


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